How your dog sees Christmas – do they know how to give?

If your family is like mine, everyone gets a present from the dog. And the dog gets a present too. But the funny thing is that we wonder if the dog has any idea what’s happening. Chances are she’s usually just more excited about eating something off the floor after we’ve had breakfast. But what if that’s not the case? What if dogs have some sense of giving?

Do dogs know how to give?

Dogs, as we know them to be “man’s best friend” obviously give people a lot in terms of companionship and other positive characteristics that only dogs can bring. I believe that since dogs are, or can be, loyal to the point of giving their lives to help their owner without realizing or having any sense of death, although they do have a sense of danger. So what about those occasions when dogs are called upon to give their lives? Is that “gifting?” Or is it just a dog being a dog.

At the very least, we know that dogs make great gifts!

We’ve established that dogs can give humans a lot in terms of intangible goods. What we’d like to know from our audience is that if you think dogs really know how to give gifts other than the intangible. Have you ever seen a dog share food or a toy with another dog? Probably not. How about with a human? Hmmm

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