How to handle behavior issues in your Dog

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As I share today on the essential oil blends I am using to assist our new dog, King, keep in mind we are also working on training/behavior as well as the emotions. I believe in a whole health approach to dog care of course so when I mention using the oils I am also feeding a raw diet, avoiding vaccines and pesticides, etc. so that my dogs can live a well-balanced, healthy life emotionally, physically and mentally.

Each dog is unique even as there are character traits similar in each breed. I don’t know King’s upbringing, and even if I did, I’d still tweak things so that we can and he can live together in harmony since each person’s lifestyle and personality are also unique.

What I am using these blends for are to assist him in certain emotional and even physical areas of his life. I am grateful to veterinarian, Dr. Melissa Shelton, for the Animal Desk Reference (ADR – available on she wrote that is a partner book to the Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR) book. I discovered a nugget in it this weekend that I wasn’t aware was in the book since I’d not yet read through it in its entirety. It was on using the essential oil blends with animals. Next to each blend Young Living offers, Dr. Shelton put a “P” or “E” or both. Simply that means that you can use that blend for physical (P), emotional (E) issues or both (E, P).

Books by Dr. Kim:

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