Clove oil with dogs

singing_a_tuneFunny thing, my Mom has used clove oil on my leg when I was licking it too much and it had the same effect except she did it to ease my discomfort. A couple of cautions here humans:

1. ONLY use Young Living like this bepaws otherwise other oils might make your dog sick. And we mean it, ONLY use Young Living when there is any chance of your dog ingesting the oils. Mom trusts Young Living this way, but not other oils. Young Living gets its clove oil from the bud of the plant NOT the leave. It is a much better quality of oil than most on the market. clove_oil

2. Also get to the underlying reason WHY your dog is licking the paws. It could be a food allergy or a contact allergy. If you are feeding kibble instead of a raw meaty bone diet, then definitely look at the diet being a cause. If you have changed bedding, cleaning products, flooring, using pesticides, etc. look for a contact allergy. OR both, WOOF! Do your due diligence at getting to the root cause of something like this.

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Patrice Berlinski submitted the following tip:

“My dog was incessantly licking his back paws. My friend told me to use one or two drops of clove essential oil on each paw. After tasting the clove oil he stopped the licking. I thought I would just have to apply it every time, but after about one month he no longer shows any interest in licking his paws!”

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